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How Can We Say Thanks???

22 Jan 2019 Posted by Annette Delisle in Destiny's Calling

Greetings!!! What a Year, What a Year!!! 2018 has been quite the year.  On one hand everything that could be shaken has been shaken and yet on the other hand everything that was intended to stand has stood the test.  As a ministry we have…

The Miracle of 21

10 Dec 2018 Posted by Annette Delisle in Destiny's Calling, Pursuing Destiny

Greetings Friends and Family,   OMGolly!!!  Do you believe that it is almost New Years? It’s almost 2019!!! Where has the time gone?   What a sad state of affairs when we act like we are taken by surprise that the year is almost over….

Compelled to Pray!

05 Nov 2018 Posted by Annette Delisle in Uncategorized

Greetings Everyone,   Change is in the air.  Here in Minnesota the temperature is going to drop significantly this week, bringing with it the cold weather and SNOW!!! The change is telling us that fall is almost over and winter isn’t far away.  Change is…

NOW is the TIME!

04 Oct 2018 Posted by Annette Delisle in Uncategorized

Greetings Everyone!!! It’s that time again to gather and hear what thus saith the Lord.  I believe it is a very exciting time and season that the body of Christ has entered into and I’m excited about it. As we conclude the celebrations of Rosh…

Destiny’s Calling Gives Back To Oregon

15 Aug 2018 Posted by Annette Delisle in Gifts to Others

  Greetings Everyone, You may wonder why I always write “Everyone.”  It’s because we not only have gals as a part of this ministry, but we also have husbands/significant others who listen in on our Monday calls.  We welcome them and embrace what God is doing…

Total Monday Makeover

02 Aug 2018 Posted by Annette Delisle in Pursuing Destiny

Greetings Everyone!!! When is the best time to make a change?  NOW!!!  When is the best time to join our Monday evening calls?  NOW!!!   The Word says that we go from Glory to Glory…..that means that we should be ever changing, evolving, and growing…

The Drought Is Over!!!

26 Feb 2017 Posted by Annette Delisle in Prophetic Words, Pursuing Destiny

Greetings Everyone, Below you will find a prophetic word regarding Elijah and the Abundance of rain. Thank you to one of our leaders for posting this on my FB feed. (There’s a second one, we’ll post that next time). Here we are two weeks later…