Destiny's Calling | Dare To Pass It On!!!
An organization designed to assist individuals in finding their life-long passion and purpose
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Dare To Pass It On!!!


 Thank you for visiting our website to find out more about

our bracelets and the “Dare To Pass It On” challenge  


           It began out of a passion and desire to create a perpetual wave of selfless giving and encouragement throughout the world, a Movement!!! 

          In today’s society, our lives have become increasingly busy and we have disconnected from personal contact. With the latest developments in technology, people often communicate with their handheld devices rather than face to face. No matter how much technology advances, we should never forfeit human interaction, it should always trump technology.  We believe that a gesture of kindness speaks volumes!!!  We want to make a loud statement, that no matter who a person is, They Are Important and They Matter!!!  That is why you were a given a Destiny’s Calling bracelet.   YOU MATTER and Your Destiny is Calling!!!

          These bracelets are one of the many ways we are using to exhibit random acts of kindness to others.  You may have other ways that you choose to show someone that they matter.  However, if you would like to join us by encouraging others through the “Your Destiny Is Calling” bracelets we would love to have you team with us and continue this wave of encouragement.  You can be a part of the ripple effect that is beginning to happen. 


         Join the movement and take the Dare To Pass It On challenge!!  To have bracelets of your own to pass out, email and let us know how many your would like.  We will then get back to you to let you know if there will be a cost, and what that cost will be.  

        We are so excited, and anticipate the potential to change lives around the globe.  Thank you for taking the DARE TO PASS IT ON challenge!!

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