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Roar, Lioness!!!

Roar, Lioness!!!

Posted by Annette Delisle in Prophetic Words 15 Dec 2015

On October 19th, for our Destiny’s Calling, Monday night “The Call” Holy Spirit gave us a prophetic word and I sensed to share it with all of you, so here it is. “You were born to be a Lioness-to Roar, not to be mild or meek-You were born to be a fighter-To have a voice, and for many all the devil has tried to do over your life is silence that voice.” I pray for each of you reading this that you will rise up and ROAR. Take back the Power that the enemy has “tried” to take from you. You have a choice, exercise your power and walk in your position of strength. A Lioness could be devoured by her enemies IF she Forgets her Power!!! Pull your shoulders back and walk in YOUR POWER/GOD’S POWER in you!!! Now, go out and MAKE it a great week. BIG Hugs!!! Diana Lynn

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