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Happy New Decade!

Posted by Annette Delisle in Destiny's Calling, Pursuing Destiny

Greetings and Happy New Year, New Decade, It is wonderful to be back from Holiday festivities and focused on the new year.  I pray that these holiday weeks were enjoyable, even if they were hectic.  Hopefully, you were able to have some down time, in…

How Can We Say Thanks???

Posted by Annette Delisle in Destiny's Calling

Greetings!!! What a Year, What a Year!!! 2018 has been quite the year.  On one hand everything that could be shaken has been shaken and yet on the other hand everything that was intended to stand has stood the test.  As a ministry we have…

Happy New Year!!!

Posted by Diana Lynn in Destiny's Calling

Happy New Year, This can be an exciting time of the year for many.  It can feel refreshing and new, the opportunity to begin again. For some it can feel overwhelming and it can even feel discouraging.  We can all wonder where did the year go and…