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Are You Pursuing Your Destiny?

Posted by Annette Delisle in Pursuing Destiny

​​Greetings Everyone!!!  Pursuing Destiny?!?!?!   What does that mean?  What does that look like for you? Pursuing Destiny will have different meanings for each of us.  Pursuing our destiny could be raising children in a godly home.  Raising them to be strong, secure, loving and kind. …

Hooked on Jesus!

Posted by Annette Delisle in Destiny's Calling, Pursuing Destiny

Greetings Everyone!!! If you missed last week’s call you missed an amazing time of prayer.  An amazing time of communing with the Lord.  His presence was tangible even over the phone lines.  That may sound odd, maybe foreign to you.  You may be asking: How…

How Can We Say Thanks???

Posted by Annette Delisle in Destiny's Calling

Greetings!!! What a Year, What a Year!!! 2018 has been quite the year.  On one hand everything that could be shaken has been shaken and yet on the other hand everything that was intended to stand has stood the test.  As a ministry we have…

Pentecost……A Promise to Come!!!

Posted by Diana Lynn in Destiny's Calling

     What promise are you waiting on God for?  What has the Lord spoken to you in your quiet time that you haven’t seen the fullness of?  As we are on the eve of Pentecost, my prayer is that we remember what Pentecost stands for……A Promise to…

Hebrew Year 5774!!!

Posted by Diana Lynn in Prophetic Words

Greetings to all, Months ago the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that: “The rest of the year was going to be the best of the year.”  When I heard that in my spirit, I immediately shared it with many of you. Many times we feel that we…